The main goals are

  • 8-10.06.202310th meeting in Malborghetto Valbruna (UD)

    Upon the initiative of the University of Udine & SAF, in collaboration with the Alpine Convention, the G. Angelini Foundation and the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, about “Next Generation Mountains” with the sessions: Energy and Sustainability; Old and New Residents; Quality of life, Culture and Health; Young generations’ new opportunities: education and green jobs. The results of the meeting by M. Pascolini are currently being published.
  • 21-23.06.20189th meeting in Venice and Comelico Valley (BL)

    Upon the initiative of IUAV, Dep. of Architecture and Arts/Cluster LAB Cultural Landscapes, in collaboration with the “Centro Studi Transfrontaliero Comelico-Sappada” and the G. Angelini Foundation, about “Productive Mountains. Landscapes, Actors, Flows, Perspectives”. The proceedings, La montagna che produce/Productive Mountains, have been edited by V. Ferrario and M. Marzo (Mimesis/Rete Montagna, 2020).
  • 26-28.05.20168th meeting in L’Aquila at Palazzo Fibbioni

    About “Mountains after extreme events: decline or new development paths?”, organized with Italian Centre for Geographic and Hystoric Studies on the Apennines - CISSGA, the Municipality of L’Aquila, the University of L’Aquila and of Innsbruck, the SGI and other institutes. The proceedings, La Montagna dopo eventi estremi: declino o nuovi percorsi di sviluppo? have been edited by A. Ciaschi (Nova Collectanea/Rete Montagna, 2018).
  • 6-8.11.20147th meeting in Bolzano – EURAC

    About “The Alps in movement: People, Nature, Ideas” with the sessions: Alpine economies and Landscape Changes, Ecosystem Services Adaptation, Cultural Resources and Lifestyle Changes, upon the initiative of EURAC research, Institute for regional development and management of the territory. The proceedings, The Alps in movement: People, Nature, Ideas, have been edited by A. Omizzolo and Th. Streifeneder (EURAC research/Rete Montagna 2016).
  • 22-24.09.2011 6th meeting in Agordo (BL) on the subject Whose Alps are these?

    Upon the initiative of the University of Padua, Dep. of Historical, Geographical and Antiquity Sciences, in collaboration with the G. Angelini Foundation, the University of Innsbruck, the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation and the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention, on the subject Whose Alps are these? with a Round Table about “Dolomites for which humanity?” and a School competition about “Your view on the Dolomites”. The proceedings have been edited by M. Varotto & B. Castiglioni (Padua university press/Rete Montagna 2012).
  • 29-30.05.20095th meeting in Chiavenna (I) and Castasegna (CH)

    Organized with the University of Milan, Dep. of Human Geography, and the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention, about “Changing Alps between risks and opportunities”; three sessions about: Climate change in the Alps; Traditional resources and new economies; Cultural varieties in the Alps; The management of the territory; a final Round Table about “The future of the Alps”. The proceedings, Changing Alps between risks and opportunities, have been edited by G. Scaramellini & A. Dal Borgo (Innsbruck university press/Rete Montagna, 2011).
  • 16-17.11.2006Changing Alps, new people, cultures and landscapes

    4th meeting about the subject “Changing Alps, new people, cultures and landscapes”, in Tolmezzo (UD), organized with the University of Udine and Innsbruck and the G. Angelini Foundation. The 32 interventions have underlined the greater importance and value of mountain environment in relation with that of the town and the plain, since mountaineers are able to combine tradition and innovation, and more inclined to the risks of the future, maybe because they are compelled by meteorological emergencies. The proceedings, Le Alpi che cambiano: nuovi abitanti, nuove culture, nuovi paesaggi/Die Alpen im Wandel: neue Bewohner, Kulturen und Landschaften, have been edited by M. Pascolini (Forum/Rete Montagna 2008).
  • 16-17.12.20043rd meeting in La Thuile (Aosta)

    3rd meeting in La Thuile (Aosta), discussing some hypothesis about the subject “Great events in the Alps and their impacts on tourism, culture and environment”.
  • 2001 - 2002Research on issues connected with population and depopulation of mountains

    Research on issues connected with population and depopulation of mountains discussed in the first meeting of Belluno (2001) and in the second of Innsbruck (2002), with grants for graduate students interested on this subject; the winners have presented their results in the international meeting of Innsbruck. The proceedings of the 1st meeting of Belluno and the 2nd of Innsbruck, Spopolamento montano, cause ed effetti/Entvölkerung im Berggebiete: Ursachen und Auswirkungen, have been edited by M. Varotto & R. Psenner, in collaboration with E. Cason, E. Gärtner and Ch. Smekal (G. Angelini Foundation, 2003).