The application for membership to the Rete Montagna can be sent using the form on the side.

For further information about the Network, you can see the Statute

The entry fee fixed for the next year is 200.00 euros, to be paid on the account:

IBANCODE: IT 37 A 02008 11910 000017854569,


Unicredit Banca – Piazza dei Martiri, 41- 32100 Belluno.


    Representative of the Institute*

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    Upload PDF of the resolution

    The undersigned, as a representative of the Institute mentioned above, requests that the Institute will be accepted as a new member of the Rete Montagna and send by post a copy (photocopy signed by the President) of resolution decision-making body of the Institute in which says that the Institute has taken note of the Statute of the Rete Montagna, has decided to associate wanting to participate in activities and to support the goals, so to accept the rules laid down by the Statute, that it had instructed its representative to represent all effects, and have paid the membership fee fixed for the current year.

    The new member declares of wanting to affect the lives and problems of the Mountain, in addition to the normal co-operation with the partners, and will provide news, experts and study materials, propose initiatives for the sector indicated.