Department Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry (TESAF) – University of Padova

Polo Poschiavo
15 July 2012

The Department TESAF is a multidisciplinary structure acting in the fields of agricultural and forestry policy, economics, rural appraisal, silviculture, water resources, mechanization in agriculture and forestry and phytopathology.

The department is located on the Campus Agripolis, a centre of excellence in the field of research and technology transfer. In Agripolis TESAF is working in close cooperation with other 4 Departments of the School of Agriculture and Veterinary Science, the Regional Agricultural Services, the State Institute for Animal Health and other public and private organizations. TESAF is responsible of 4 Erasmus Mundus programs supported by the EC (3 International Masters: SUTROFOR, SUFONAMA and MEdFOR and 1 PhD program: FONASO). Currently TESAF is involved in 5 research programs under the 7FP and in many other international (INTERREG, LIFE, …) and national projects.

Currently, the permanent research and teaching staff in the department consists of 16 full professors, 19 associated professors, 10 researchers and several young scientists under contractual agreements. The department’s personnel includes 19 technicians, 2 librarians and 14 administrative employees.

The department also hosts 31 PhD students involved in 3 different PhD programs. Scientists and students working in TESAF have direct access to 28,000 books and to more than 8,000 on-line journals and 700 specialized periodicals kept in the departmental library.



Dipartimento Territorio e Sistemi Agroforestali (Tesaf) - Università di Padova