Productive Mountains. Landscapes, actors, flows, perspectives

The Alps in movement: People, Nature, Ideas
17 février 2017
Associazione Aree Fragili
15 février 2021

“La montagna che produce. Paesaggi, attori, flussi, prospettive /Productive Mountains. Landscapes, actors, flows, perspectives” is the title of the new book of Rete Montagna, edited by V. Ferrario e M. Marzo teachers at the IUAV University of Venice, p. 446, ed. Mimesis 2020.

The volume collects a selection of the papers presented at the international conference of Rete Montagna/Alpine Network on the same subject, at Palazzo Badoer, Venice and Palazzo Poli De Pol, Comelico valley, Dolomites, on 21-23.06.2018, promoted by Alpine Network, IUAV- Dep. of architecture and arts, Fondazione Comelico Dolomiti and Giovanni Angelini Foundation.

In the last decades a new increasing interest for mountain has appeared; the mountain matter has been considered in a “positive” meaning. In this context, the proceedings of Rete Montagna “Productive Mountains. Landscapes, actors, flows, perspectives” offers a new vision of mountain: it proposes to consider mountain territories as producers of goods and services, both traditional and new, in relation with the actors, threaders and peculiarities of mountain territory. The subject of production has been considered in the different papers of the book, as a key of interpretation of the new environmental, social and cultural processes of mountain: this is necessary to know the dynamics of the territory and to define the right politics. The book considers also the interweaving between production and living in the mountains, the equilibrium among producers, productions and landscape quality, the different relations between past and present, perception and reality, individuals and collectivity. The book offers, then, subjects of research and themes of reflection about mountain considered as a place of life and of planning for the future.