Associazione Aree Fragili

Productive Mountains. Landscapes, actors, flows, perspectives
15 February 2021
Annual Assembly of the International Association “Rete Montagna”
15 February 2021

Aree Fragili association is a community of practices, which unites people and scholars from all over Italy. The aim of the association is to enhance fragile areas, inland and rural areas, rich in values, but also social and environmental fragility. Values and fragilities that are addressed at the conference that since 2006 has been held annually in Rovigo and which over the years has addressed different issues; these are some stocks: light economy, living in the suburbs, smart waters, unbalanced welfare, nested markets, rural populism. The full list can be found here Since July 2018 the community of practices has given itself a formal role as a social promotion association based in Rovigo. It has about sixty members in 2020. The association boasts contacts with: Fondazione Finanza Etica di Banca Popolare Etica, Pa.S.T.I.S. (Padova Science, Techology & Innovation Studies) of the University of Padua, ArIA Study Center (Inland and Apennine Areas), Dislivelli (Mountain Research and Communication), Ri-Abitare l’Italia.

Over the next few years, it plans to maintain its role as a crossroads between scholars, practitioners and administrators and to develop some salient issues such as territorial justice and social networks in fragile rural areas. The current committee, in office until July 2022, consists of: Giorgio Osti (chairman), Giovanni Carrosio (vice-president), Chiara Zanetti (treasurer), Dario Brollo (councillor) and Sara Fabbro (councillor).

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